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Waterfall French Empire-style Table Clock from the early 19th century

This is an exceptional example of a French Empire-style mantel clock from the early 19th century, combining elements of Neoclassicism with a romantic interpretation of mythological themes.

Style: French Empire
Period: Early 19th century (circa 1800-1830)
Material: Gilt bronze and patinated bronze, with a crystal base

1. Pegasus Figure:
   - The clock is surmounted by a gilt bronze figure of Pegasus, the mythical winged horse from Greek mythology, symbolizing poetic inspiration and grandeur.

2. Dial:
   - The central part of the clock features a gilt bronze dial with Roman numerals, surrounded by intricate neoclassical ornamentation. The use of gilt bronze for the dial is typical of the French Empire period, reflecting the opulence and grandeur of the time.

3. Mythological Figures:
   - Below the dial, there are two reclining figures, likely representing mythological characters. These figures are also executed in gilt bronze, adding to the overall luxurious appearance of the clock.

4. Base:
   - The base of the clock is made of crystal, which is relatively unusual and adds an element of elegance and sophistication. The crystal base is decorated with patinated bronze mounts, featuring classical motifs and intricate detailing.

5. Gilt Bronze Mounts:
   - The clock is adorned with various gilt bronze mounts, including foliage and floral designs, which are typical of the decorative arts of the French Empire period.

Historical Context:
- Empire Style: The Empire style, which flourished during the reign of Napoleon I (1804-1814/1815), is characterized by its grandeur and use of classical motifs. It often incorporated symbols of power and authority, as well as mythological themes. Clocks from this period were not just timekeeping devices but also served as decorative art pieces, reflecting the wealth and taste of their owners.

Provenance and Maker:
- While the specific maker of this clock is not identified in the provided description, the quality of the craftsmanship suggests it could be the work of one of the prominent French clockmakers of the period, such as Pierre-Philippe Thomire or Jean-Simon Deverberie, both of whom were known for their exquisite bronze work and neoclassical designs.

This French Empire mantel clock is a testament to the artistic and technical prowess of early 19th-century French artisans, blending functionality with artistic expression in a way that remains timelessly appealing.

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Waterfall French Empire-style Table Clock from the early 19th century


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