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Vienna's Ball Season 2023/2024: A Waltz Through Tradition and Glamour

Vienna's Ball Season 2023/2024: A Waltz Through Tradition and Glamour

As the winter months cloak Vienna in a frosty embrace, the city awakens to a time-honored tradition that dazzles and delights: the Ball Season. From late 2023 through early 2024, Vienna transforms into a stage for elegance, music, and dance, celebrating a centuries-old custom that is as quintessential to its identity as the majestic Danube. In this article, we embark on an enchanting journey through Vienna's Ball Season of 2023/2024, exploring the grandeur of its most illustrious balls, the cultural significance behind each event, and the captivating allure that draws thousands from around the world to participate in this annual extravaganza of opulence and tradition.

As we waltz through the halls of history, discover the intricate details of ball etiquette, and preview the most anticipated events of the season, you will gain an insider's perspective into why Vienna's Ball Season remains a beacon of cultural splendor in the heart of Europe. Whether you're a seasoned ball-goer or a curious first-timer, prepare to be swept off your feet by the charm and elegance of this magical Viennese winter.

January 2024

Fr, 12.01.: Violet Redoute
Fr, 12.01.: Flower Ball of the Viennese City Gardens
Fr, 12.01.: Styrian Ball (Spring Ball)

Sat, 13.01: Lower Austrian Farmers' Union Ball (more info)
Sat, 13.01.: WU Ball - Ball of the Vienna University of Economics and Business

Thu, 18.01.: Vienna Philharmonic Ball (80th Edition)
Thu, 18.01.: Savaball of the Serbian Center (Hofburg)

Fri, 19.01.: Officers' Ball
Fri, 19.01.: BOKU Ball - Ball of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

Sat, 20.01.: Pharmacy Ball
Sat, 20.01.: Viennese Croatian Ball
Sat, 20.01.: Industry and Technology Ball

Tue, 23.01.: Real Estate Ball - Ball of the Real Estate Industry (Info)

Thu, 25.01.: TU Ball - Ball of the Vienna University of Technology

Fri, 26.01.: Vienna Business Ball
Fri, 26.01.: Charity Ball of the Parish of Saint Ulrich (VS Notre Dame de Sion)

Sat, 27.01.: Altkalksburger Ball
Sat, 27.01.: Vienna Rainbow Ball (Info)
Sat, 27.01.: Vienna Doctors' Ball
Sat, 27.01.: Vienna Ball of Sciences
Sat, 27.01.: Pannonian Ball at Palais Berg

Mon, 29.01.: Hunters' Ball (100th Edition)

Tue, 30.01.: Ball of the Alt-Hietzinger

February 2024

Fri, 02.02.: Vienna Coffeehouse Owners' Ball
Fri, 02.02.: Vienna Police Ball

Sat, 03.02.: Tyrolean Ball

Thu, 08.02.: Vienna Opera Ball

Sat, 10.02.: Lawyers' Ball
Sat, 10.02.: Creative Ball (Lorenz Mandl Vocational School)

Mon, 12.02.: Rudolfina Redoute (always on Shrove Monday)

Tue, 13.02.: Elmayer's Little Wreath (always on Shrove Tuesday)

Fri, 16.02.: Academics' Ball

Sat, 17.02.: Johann Strauss Ball
Sat, 17.02.: IAEA Ball – Ball of the International Atomic Energy Agency Staff Association (Hofburg)

Sat, 24.02.: Chinese New Year's Ball

Sun, 25.02.: Vienna Seniors' Ball

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